Idea Block

         Possibly, every skripsi-ers have experiences when make next step in their proposal. Yes, like tittle above! idea block. It could be from the brain problem self, motivated, nutrition’s, or the condition of thinking psychology. Maybe the last reason I will describe more than others.

        Copy from explain Pak Willam in his book Why don’t students like school?, this problem properties of thinking by three illustrates. First, thinking is slow. Second, thinking is effortful, Finally, thinking is uncertain. If we ’  re all so bad at thinking, how does anyone get through the day skripsi (minithesis to obtain dokterandus degree).? How do we find our way to work or spot a bargain at the 3th part completed? How does a lecture make
the hundreds of decisions necessary to get through her day? The answer is that when we can get away with it, we don’t think. Instead we rely on memory. Most of the problems we face are ones we ’ve solved before, so we just do what we ’ve done in the past. When someone encourages you to “ think outside the box ” that’s usually what he means — don’t go on autopilot, don’t do what you (or others) have always done.  Oke, I mean skripsi is something everyone made when they student in collage (on the box?).


The highest mountain I was hiked ever 


        Finally, when we created every part of our paper skripsi. It’s about conclusion every assignments, test, which had we settled on four years. There’s nothing, nonsense whether we doing instant, just Co-Pas. The strategy until finish this war….. need a high process. 


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