Recitation night

          kelas1Again, today it was night. If not talk magrib times after. When you fill something miss after this time routine, what about?. Yes, time to walking talking with friends after Salat Magrib, goes to Madrasah Ngaji (study Quran and book), and made agreement after that.

         Today, this isn’t just a miss. It’s something instinct which growth along with increasing age of Us. Magrib time permanently constant since we kids before. The differ is we not walk the talk in the road to others like kids, more serious than before to. Although there much laugh, just not smile when talk together with friends. Often.  And if we talk about Ngaji, there was represent with recitation after magrib pray by self magribwithout study formal organization.

       This is what make me happy, I can hear the Syahdu voice in every night from my all friends in dormitory. Who has made Recitation Quran together.


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