Like important, perhaps

Azadirachtin from neem tree (Nimba: Bahasa) against many important insect pests as insecticide (biopesticide) such as Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera litura (Ulat grayak), Plutella xylostella (ulat daun kubis), Sitophilus oryzae (Kutu gudang padi) ,Sitophilus zeamis (Kutu gudang jagung), Earis vitella, Aphis gossypii (kutu daun), Bemicia tabaci (kutu kebul), Pectiniphora gossypiella, nematodes like Cosmopilitis sordidus etc. (Schmutterer and Singh, 2002).

      So, what important to Us?. here, this is tree available everywhere and very easy to growth. May you will meet this tree in the garden or over the way by sign is leave like a kedongdong. When young tree, it have slim wood and white skin. When old, it had much branch and fruit like sugar palm combine mango (..hmmm don’t be confuse).

     jgng      But, whose was know if that tree do like the describe) ?.  Was know product pesticide with active component azadirachtin?. hmm… its not easy to report in this field, today. Couse’ we haven’t a mass commercial product pesticide with mainly contain biopesticide, especially azadirachtin active matter. Possibly available just in research field, I don’t know when spread in major field and farm land.

    In this case, I’m not wanna display Php moments, but I’m to tell the truth like hope report from the world research, today!. I’m very sure. The homework for Us as research in agriculture is………

“make in happen”

P.S: pictures take from Balitsereal, Maros

P.P.S": sorry, Couse selfie moment


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